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24 Hour Health

This is a program for those limited on time but still in search of medical evaluation and treatment. 24 Hour Health provides a complete evaluation of your health within 24 hours. Designed specifically for customers with a limited time frame, the program provides maximum flexibility in scheduling.

We offer to organize two programs: Men’s Health and Women’s Health. Each program can be completely personalized based on your health history, age, gender, and client requests.

24 Hour Health can be generalized or specialized according to your requirements. The program helps you to quickly and effectively assess overall healthiness, identify potential risks, and identify existing problems. One of the most important components of the program is the identification of simple changes necessary to improve your health: vitamin and mineral consumption, physical activity levels, daily routines, and preventive measures against future ailments.

We will help to form an individualized program to diagnose and solve issues related your health in a timely manner. Please see the treatment section for additional details.