Who We Are

HOUSTON HEALTH CONCIERGE (HHC) is an agency which serves patients and their families with a unique, luxury, and VIP medical concierge service. With over 30 years of experience with the US healthcare system and 20 years of experience in directing international health programs, HHC is well-equipped to cater to your healthcare needs. We encourage you to take advantage of world class Texas Medical Center, which contains world class experts; advanced diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation technologies; and the latest innovations in the fields of treatment and health. Allow Houston Health Concierge to be your personal Texas Medical Center consultant and guide, providing a plan for your care, as well as comfort and confidence that your medical needs will be addressed.

Сара Розин, директор и основатель Houston Health Concierge.

Sara Rozin, Director and Founder Houston Health Concierge.

What We Do

A few of the services Houston Health Concierge provides include:

  • Personal healthcare assistant
  • Assistance in travel (flights, visas, accommodations)
  • Patient advocacy and navigation through US healthcare system
  • Healthcare provider search and selection with client input
  • Negotiation of medical costs and discounts on fees
  • Expedition of appointment scheduling and test results
  • Personal support for your entire stay in Houston
  • Coordination of services and care throughout your visit
  • Communication with healthcare providers regarding follow ups after your stay in Houston

By offering dedicated personal assistance and by working closely with profiled hospitals and their teams of specialists, the Houston Health Concierge team will cater to the client’s needs and tailor solutions for the client’s convenience and personal preference.


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