In March 2021, I experienced my first distance consultation session with a medical specialist in the Texas Medical Center. The consultation was organized by Houston Health Concierge, a company located in Houston, Texas. The Houston Health Concierge case manager identified the best specialist according to my request, prepared and translated all my medical documentation necessary for the American specialist, coordinated communication between the specialist and me, and scheduled our distance consultation. She also scheduled our follow-up sessions. The consultation was efficient and well structured, with a Russian-speaking medical translator handling communication between the US physician and me. Thanks to the Houston Health Concierge service, I have had access to a high-quality medical specialist and no cost for travel.

M.M., St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2021)

Houston Health Concierge (HHC) helped me find the best language center to improve my English language skills. With HHC assistance, I enrolled at the ELS language center in Houston. The teachers were professionals and taught very well. If I had questions or need them to repeat something, they did not mind doing so again and again. After graduating from ELS, I was able to apply to the University of Saint Thomas. HHC Principal Ms. Rozin gave me the emotional support and encouragement a parent would. If I had any problems, she would work with me to resolve them. She assisted me with the visa application process, university enrollment, and housing. Ms.Rozin found me an excellent certified English language teacher to tutor me for continued language development and support. My tutor helped me with my assignments and cultural knowledge.

Emin - ESL tutoring and university support services 2014 - 2017

Houston Health Concierge service is an excellent organization, which helps people, find great offers for the much-needed healthcare they require. As a cancer patient with no health insurance who was having her treatments at the MD Cancer Center in Houston, the burden of treatment costs became understandably great. Research by my sister-in-law led to the discovery of Houston Health Concierge service and our lovely contact person Sara Rozin. With her assistance, I was linked with various healthcare persons and facilities where my treatments could be done for way cheaper without a compromise in quality and that was really amazing. Better still, this great service of theirs cost me close to nothing! I have been very impressed with them and recommend persons to link up for guaranteed service.

Izuhunwa Amadasun, Nigeria, 25 September 2017

Мы приехали в Хьюстон из Тюменской области с пятью работниками нашей компании с целью расширения бизнеса. Решить личные медицинские проблемы считали почти невозможным, поскольку ранее уже обращались в Европейские клиники. Все же решили проконсультироваться с американскими специалистами. В Хьюстоне мы свазались с Сарой Розин и ее компанией Houston Health Concierge. В течение недели работниками Houston Health Concierge для нас были организованы встречи с медицинскими специалистами, проделаны необходимые анализы и процедуры. Особо отмечу деловые качества Сары Розин, благодаря которым все происходило исключительно вовремя и ни разу не нарушило распорядок работы нашей компании. Выражаем искреннюю благодарность за чуткое, внимательное отношение персонально к каждому из нас и за эффективные результаты.

Тюменцы (Aвгуст 2016 г.)

Мой 10-летний сын почти полностью потерял зрение в результате неудачной операции на глаза в московской клинике. Следуя совету Сары, мы приехали за помощью в Хьюстон, где доктор назначил нам дополнительную операцию. Уже потеряв к тому моменту всю надежду, мы и мечтать не могли о таком результате - зрение было восстановлено! Спасибо за вашу заботу и верную подсказку в сложный момент!

Ксения Д., Брянск (Ноябрь 2014 г.)

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Houston Health Concierge has enabled clients to obtain medical help at the Texas Medical Center. Houston Health Concierge staff gave me the relief and support I needed to walk through every step of the process following my breast cancer diagnosis. Thank you Houston Health Concierge for your undivided attention and personal support to me and my family.

Daria M., Kazan, Russia, 2020

I am deeply touched by Houston Health Concierge's attention and level of service provided to my mother and me!

Julia P. Mexico City, November 2019

I am a 19-year-old college student in New York who came to Houston for winter break. I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain for several months and decided to contact Houston Health Concierge (HHC) to assist me with organizing appointments and treatment upon my arrival in Houston. Within two days of contacting HHC I was assigned a personal case manager who set up an appointment with a renowned gastroenterologist. I was only able to stay in Houston for a week, and within that time frame, HHC managed to organize a preliminary meeting with the physician, a colonoscopy, and a follow up to determine a course of treatment. Because I do not reside in Houston, HHC ensured that the physician developed a plan that would suit my living outside of Texas. Working with HHC was one of the most stress-free healthcare experiences I have ever had because of the personal attention provided to me by my case manager. During a time that can be incredibly taxing, the case manager ensured that all my needs, personal and med-ical, were taken care of. I highly recommend all services provided by Houston Health Concierge.

ArielT, New York, January 8, 2018

Even before pregnancy my husband and I had a dream to have a baby in America. When the long-awaited pregnancy came, we began to look for the hospital and the Ob/Gyn, but in vain. Time passed, and the search did not give result. I was ready to give up our ideas when our close friends recommended me to contact the Houston Health Concierge. We went there and met with Mrs. Sara Rozin, head of the company. Mrs. Rozin assigned a personal case manager who found a great hospital, Ob/Gyn and pediatrician for us, as well as helped to get a considerable discount on hospital services. She gave us a fabulous experience of easy, painless and incredibly comfortable birth of our first child. Thanks to the professionalism and care of Houston Health Concierge personal assistant and Mrs. Rozin the labor and delivery went perfectly and became the brightest and happiest event in my life.

Elizaveta T., Moscow, Russia, February 4, 2018

Excellent Service. Thank you.

Галина, Хьюстон (Февраль 2015 г.)

При 1ой поездке в США я удивлялся всему тому что видел. Постепенно привык ко всему, и даже к тому что Американцы меняют и многие жизненные принципы. Например фраза "Здоровье не купишь" в Америке теряет актуальность на 90%. Я поехал в Хьюстон по рекомендации Сары Розин. Ехал неохотно. Далеко, трудно, да и сомнений много, неужели лучше чем в Германии. Прилетел. Сара Розин организовала все так, как будто все врачи только меня и ждали. все встречи были организованы с точность до минуты. нигде не ждал, не нервничал, не волновался. Прошел обследования, сдал анализы, получил лечение, купил лекарства, начал принимать. Результаты не заставили ждать. 2-3 дня приема лекарств и все начало меняться на глазах. Вернулся домой совсем новым человеком. До сих пор не могу поверить. То что много лет меня мучило, то что не могли выявить многие врачи многих стран, в Хьюстоне определили и вылечили за 3 дня. Огромное Спасибо Саре Розин за проявленное материнское отношение и за все что она сделала.

А. Г., Баку, Азербайджан (Февраль 2015 г.)

Спасибо за неоценимую помощь! Поездка в Хьютон перевернула многолетнюю историю моей болезни, я уехала с другим диагнозом.

Наталья К., Москва (Сентябрь 2014 г.)

Большое спасибо за ту заботу и внимание, которыми вы меня окружили во время моего пребывания в вашем городе. А главное спасибо за то,что вернули мне здоровье!

Валентина М., Москва (Сентябрь 2014 г.)