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Choosing the Best Providers

The Texas Medical Center is home to more than 54 medical institutions of various fields of medicine. Spanning more than three square miles, it can be quite difficult to independently familiarize yourself to the extensive variety of medical services. Houston Health Concierge works to plan the diagnosis and treatment of what ails you. We recommend top professionals best suited to solve your health problems. While some services mandate that their clients use certain doctors or clinics, Houston Health Concierge does not work in the interests of individual clinics, medical centers, or specialists. We work in the best interests of our clients and their needs.

We believe that every person deserves an individualized solution to his/her medical problems and access to the best experts. The variety of the Texas Medical Center affords our clients access to a range of medical professionals and institutions. When creating a diagnosis and treatment plan, Houston Health Concierge takes into account our clients’ general health, age, past complications, and budget.

How do we select doctors, specialists, and medical institutions?

Houston Health Concierge works with top medical professionals to ensure our clients receive the best medical care available. When creating a recommendation plan, we pay a great deal of attention to the success, qualifications, and educational history of the medical professional. We carefully study the professional path of the doctor: In which clinics and/or hospitals has he/she worked? How has he/she come to be at the top of his/her field? In what past and current research is he/she involved? Ensuring our clients have access to the best is one of our core beliefs, and we work hard to ensure this every day.