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Distance Consultation

Distant consultations organized by Houston Health Concierge with specialists from the Texas Medical Center offer a taste of ​​the treatment possibilities in the United States. They offer the opportunity to obtain the opinion of specialists based on test results and examinations, as well as receive psychological support and help. Distance counseling is very convenient. It allows you to get a second opinion about treatments; helps you to make an informed decision on whether to seek treatment abroad; determine the extent of medical intervention required; and allows the client to stay in touch with a specialist and assess the recovery process after returning home.

Remote consultations are held in the following areas:

  • Medical Advice: includes assessment of current health; determination of the range of health problems that need to be addressed; selection of a clinic and/or specialist at the Texas Medical Center; and obtaining an independent expert opinion.
  • Post-Treatment: available after treatment in the United States. This type of consultation includes status monitoring and follow ups (if necessary).
  • Psychological Counseling: aimed at correcting psychological problems associated with work, career, family relationships, and as a result of diagnosis or as a consequence of long-term treatment. Such assistance is often required for both the patient and his/her relatives. Psychological counseling is recommended to parents and family members of patients with mental disorders and autistic spectrum disorders. Consultation can be either private or group (family). Houston Health Concierge specialists will help in the organization of qualified psychological help. 

The goal of distance consultations is to provide the best information to make informed decisions, to help to view the condition/ailment objectively, to choose the most effective therapies, and to provide psychological support without ever leaving home.