After treatment

Human health is a dynamic state which constantly changes and evolves. The phrase "absolutely healthy" or "sick" is true only at the time when a person undergoes a medical examination. Knowing this, Houston Health Concierge’s work does not end when you return to your homeland. We work with specialists to monitor your recovery and well-being.

The Houston Health Concierge’s post-treatment services are divided into the below categories:

Medical Documentation

This includes copies of all diagnostic results and images, medical reports, a description of the performed procedures (including the operations, if applicable), and information about the medical institution(s) and the doctor(s) who performed the procedures. Also included is a list of recommendations for the rehabilitation period, as well as recommendations for medications.

Documents are currently provided in two languages: English and Russian. If you require a language other than Russian, please contact us.

Remote Consultations

The progress of your rehabilitation is monitored by your US doctor. He/she provides counseling, psychological support, and appointment time adjustments if necessary. Consultations are held online at a pre-arranged time convenient for you and your doctor in the United States.

Return Journey

In some cases after treatment, patients require specialized care and transportation. For example, after operations on the spine, patients have a specialized motor regimen to follow for optimal results. Houston Health Concierge organizes a comfortable return home with full compliance as to the medical requirements related to your condition.