Psychological counseling

Psychotherapy in the US has existed for more than 100 years. Psychological counseling here is very diverse and encompasses several specialties including family counseling, work with psychological trauma, child psychology, and more. Counseling gives our clients the help of a psychologist during difficult life situations.

Houston Health Concierge organizes remote psychological counseling in all areas of psychotherapy. At your service are top specialists who are compassionate to your state of mind and are ready to help in overcoming complex psychological situations.

Family Psychology

Family psychology is necessary not only in family disagreements, but also in the case of sickness. When a family member is ill and needs a comfortable psychological environment, family psychology through Houston Concierge is here to help. With distance sessions, clients receive psychological services in their own homes with the support from relatives and loved ones.

Child Psychology

A child psychologist will consult with parents on correcting a child's behavior and give recommendations on education and communication with a child of any age. One of the important areas of child psychology is working with parents whose children have displays of autistic spectrum disorders (autism). Proven fact: the help of a child psychologist allows parents to develop the right strategy in communicating with an autistic child, adjust his behavior and help him to adapt in society.

Additional Support

An important area of ​​distance psychological counseling is the support of patients before and after the treatment of various diseases. Doctors openly state that a patient’s prognosis of treatment largely depends on how psychologically ready a patient is for the forthcoming procedures. Therefore, Houston Health Concierge offers psychological services for clients preparing for operations, for those in recovery, and for those in rehabilitation after medical intervention.

A special mention should be made regarding significant life changes (including sudden disability) as a result of diagnosis and treatment, changes as a result of heart surgery, and changes as a result of plastic surgery. Specialist support and assistance after such changes is extremely important. Psychologists and psychotherapists of the Texas Medical Center have extensive experience in solving problems and dependencies of all kinds. Remote consultations are an effective and comfortable way to receive help in the comfort of your own home.

Specialists of Houston Health Concierge are ready to help you organize remote psychological consultations and recommend expert psychologists and psychotherapists to solve your problems and reduce your stress.