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Corporate Programs

Serious employers care for the health of their employees. Therefore, today many respectable companies include medical care in their employees’ benefits package.

If you are considering offering employee healthcare and treatment in the US, we recommend that you review Houston Health Concierge’s corporate programs. We are ready to advise you on any matter related to corporate medical services in Houston and to take on all of the organizational aspects.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design and maintenance of corporate medical insurance contracts
  • Meetings, transfers, and the organization of medical support for employees and members of their families
  • Special offers for the company and VIP executives
  • Assistance in the selection and organization of medical services: general improvement, diagnosis and treatment, check-up programs, medical transportation, and comfortable accommodation for people with limited physical activity
  • All issues related to medical documentation: advice on preparing documents before leaving for the US, translation of medical documents received in the process of medical care in America, etc.
  • Help in choosing a medical insurance company and liaising with an insurance company in the situation of an insured event

Corporate medical care with Houston Health Concierge opens and increases access to the services of the leading hospitals, clinics, and specialists of the Texas Medical Center, all with maximum comfort. We will save you from the difficulties that arise in connection with the language barrier, the specifics of medicine in the US, and the nuances of the American insurance system. Along with the organization of diagnostics and treatment, we offer extensive cultural and entertainment programs which include excursions, visits to attractions, recreational parks, business seminars, educational opportunities, and more. Contact us for more information.