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Working with Your Personal Assistant

One of the important components of successful and lasting treatment is a person’s calmness and confidence. To reduce the stress that comes with resolving medical issues, Houston Health Concierge provides you with a personal assistant. He or she will support you throughout the visit and help you understand all matters of a medical nature. Our assistants, whom we call "Guardian Angels", are fluent in several languages. Our assistants have solid professional experience and medical education. They are sympathetic to your condition and are ready to help make adapting to life in Houston easier. All aspects of your stay are organized by your personal assistant, from meeting you at the airport to liaising with your doctors after your return home.

Before your arrival in Houston, your personal assistant is hard at work ensuring you have:

  • A choice of top doctors and specialists according to your needs;
  • Appointments for diagnosis and/or treatment made;
  • All necessary medical documents translated;
  • Travel and lodging arrangements set.

During your visit, your personal assistant:

  • Plans and organizes meetings with doctors and other specialists in the field of medicine;
  • Accompanies you during diagnosis and treatment;
  • Translates to ensure maximum clear and open communication;
  • Coordinates and supports you during your stay.

Your personal assistant is ready to act as a guide and consultant for any question arising during your stay in Houston. These questions can be related to your personal treatment plan in the Texas Medical Center or to various forms of leisure: excursions, sightseeing, and shopping. Your "Guardian Angel" is selected in accordance with your age, character, and interests. With your Angel at your side, your stay in the US will be as comfortable as possible.