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A mammogram during the COVID-19 pandemic


A mammogram during the COVID-19 pandemic

Is it safe to get a mammogram during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As long as you’re not feeling sick or having any COVID-19 symptoms, it’s safe to get a mammogram.

At MD Anderson, we’ve gone above and beyond to keep patients and employees safe when they’re on our campuses. For healthy women coming in for an annual mammogram, some of the key precautions include:

  • Screening everyone for COVID-19 symptoms at entrances to all of our campuses.

  • Providing medical face masks for everyone to wear on our campuses at all times.

  • Limiting seating and spacing out appointments to allow for social distancing on campus, including in waiting and dressing rooms.

Learn more about the precautions MD Anderson is taking to protect the largest and densest population of immunocompromised patients in the world.

Why is it important for women to continue to get regular mammograms during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We know from many large clinical trials and observational studies that breast cancer screening saves lives. When breast cancer is found through screening, it’s more survivable than breast cancer found because of a lump or other symptoms. That’s because screening exams help find breast cancer at an earlier stage, when cancer is more treatable.