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Dementia care during COVID-19


Dementia care during COVID-19

Older adults are vulnerable at the onset of natural disasters and crisis, and this has been especially true during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The double hit of dementia and COVID-19 pandemics has raised great concerns for people living with dementia. 

People living with dementia have limited access to accurate information and facts about the COVID-19 pandemic. They might have difficulties in remembering safeguard procedures, such as wearing masks, or in understanding the public health information issued to them. Ignoring the warnings and lacking sufficient self-quarantine measures could expose them to higher chance of infection.

As recommended by international dementia experts and Alzheimer's Disease International, Professionals of Texas Medical Center support people living with dementia. In addition to physical protection from virus infection, mental health and psychosocial support should be delivered. Psychological counsellors provide online consultation for careers at home and in nursing homes.