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Telehealth Appointments & Medical Documentation Translation


Telehealth Appointments & Medical Documentation Translation

During this coronavirus pandemic, Houston Health Concierge is focusing on 2 key services.

  • Telehealth appointments: Confidential and private appointments with healthcare providers can be scheduled with international patients at the patient’s convenience. Telehealth appointments can be provided for adults and pediatric patients across all specialties, including women’s health, cardiology, and oncology https://houston-hc.com/en/consultation
  • Medical documentation translation: Prepare medical documents in advance of the patient’s site visit to Houston, Texas.  Now is the time to organize all health records, medication records, images, and physician notes.  Email info@houston-hc.com to get started with your translation needs.

Houston Health Concierge is committed to providing exclusive access to healthcare providers in the Texas Medical Center and the Greater Houston area.  We will continue our work through the COVID-19 pandemic and will work with you on scheduling your Houston visit when it is safe to do so.