Our goal is to provide our clients with the access to and benefits of world class medical experts at the Texas Medical Center and the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

  • Completeness and reliability of the medical information provided by the client
  • Translation of documents in accordance with the American standards of medicine
  • Number of specialists involved
  • Time spent by representatives of Houston Health Concierge to fulfill requests
  • The complexity of the query

The following table represents baseline costs as of March 2020. If you have a request that is not listed, submit the request with the relevant information for review.


Service Description

Cost in US $

Initial consultation includes:
  • Communication with client
  • Review of Initial Request Form
Development of an Action Plan to meet client’s request for services From $500
Evaluation of medical information & documentation provided by the client From $300
Translation of medical documents in accordance with US and the client’s home country’s healthcare standards $130/page
Identify appropriate healthcare provider to meet client’s requirement and diagnosis $350 (1 specialist)
Case management: planning, organization and coordination of healthcare services From $300
Personal accompaniment to medical appointments and interpretation $135/hour (min. 2 hours)
Negotiation of cost of services with medical institution’s financial department Upon request
Personal care before, during, and after medical procedures (treatment, surgery, childbirth, etc.) $150/hour (min. 2 hours)
Professional care for newborns Upon request
Client’s medical documents delivery (images, histological glasses, blocks, etc.) to/from medical provider Upon request
Transportation service including airport pickup Upon request
Organization of distance consultation with healthcare provider Upon request
Accommodation in Houston Upon request