Business support

Starting a business in the United States, opening an international branch of the company, considering investment options: in all of these situations, the right start is very important. In addition to health services, Houston Health Concierge provides advice for those interested in business in the United States. We help you to prevent mistakes at the very beginning, to understand the peculiarities of doing business abroad, and to understand the nuances of licensing and tax legislation in the United States. No matter what stage you are at, our specialists can help. We identify your needs and help you find professionals who will be most beneficial to you.

To take some stress out of your business trips, we help you with accommodations for the duration of your stay, accompany you to meetings, and assist with verbal and documentation translation. Houston Health Concierge advises you on all matters related to your business. We help you understand the nuances of certification, US law, reporting features, and labor laws. Upon request, our specialists can create a cultural or recreational activity itinerary.

We do not seek to mediate between you and your partners. Our task is to help you avoid the mistakes that foreigners who start their own business in the USA admit to making. Many mistakes are made in relation to different tax laws and mindsets. In addition, in the United States there are special features of legislation for foreign investors - and we are ready to talk about them. We can also help you to solve the issues of real estate acquisition, including apartments, houses, and legal entities.