Plastic surgery

The global demand for plastic surgery increases every year. In the United States alone, surgeons perform approximately 5,000,000 procedures annually. Plastic surgeons work with patients both in large medical centers and specialized clinics. Many doctors invent or improve methods for breast augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and more.

The advantages of having plastic surgery at the Texas Medical Center are obvious: doctors with extensive professional experience, availability of advanced technology, and application of minimally invasive surgical techniques. As rehabilitation after plastic surgery is completed under the constant supervision of doctors, side effects are minimized.

Texas Medical Center doctors perform a variety of operations to correct a patient’s appearance. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular operations worldwide. Facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) are requested by both men and women. Such operations correct of the shape of the ears, nose, and lips. Mammoplasty (breast surgery) helps give patients a more attractive appearance and increased self-confidence. The goal of plastic surgery is two-fold: to improve the patient’s physical and psychological status. After visiting a plastic surgeon, patients report feeling happier overall with their lives and appearances.

Houston Center for Plastic Surgery

For 30 years, the Center has successfully performed cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Outstanding plastic surgeon Norman Rappoport treats and operates on patients. Patients highly appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to achieve natural-looking results. The Center offers facial corrections (eyelid, nose, auricle correction), breasts (lifting augmentation, reduction), and body shaping/sculpting (liposuction, correction of forms after weight loss). Plastic surgery for men includes blepharoplasty, liposuction, and breast reduction (gynecomastia).

Basu Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bob Basu is a nationally recognized leader in cosmetic surgery. He has performed more than 11,000 cosmetic procedures ranging from the ordinary to the unique. Dr. Basu specializes in corrective and rejuvenating plastic facial surgery as well as cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery (breast enlargement and reduction operations, elimination of asymmetry, and reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy). The clinic performs sculpting of a patient’s figure after birth, liposuction of the abdomen, and correction of the shape of the buttocks ("Brazilian ass").

Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Michael Eisman is one of the best doctors in Harris County and Houston. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is used by men and women for breast correction, body shaping, and facial plastic surgery. Along with blepharoplasty (eyelid), rhinoplasty (nose), and facelifts, the Center offers non-surgical rejuvenation methods: Botox, Radiesse® and Juvéderm®, pulse light therapy, and acne treatments.

Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

The Center specializes in body aesthetics. It performs operations to correct the shape of the chest, buttocks, and general body shape, as well as facial cosmetic surgery including facial liposuction, face and neck lifting, implants, rhinoplasty, and otoplasty (ear surgery). HCSC offers non-surgical options which include rejuvenating procedures, Botox injections, and body hair removal.

Houston Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Clayton Moliver, Fred Aguilar, Saumo Banerjee, and Virginia Pittman: one of the strongest plastic surgery teams in Houston. Thousands of patients have achieved their ideal body and facial results with the help of this superb team of doctors and their advanced plastic surgery methods. The clinic offers the correction of the body, chest, buttocks and hips, as well as all types of facial procedures. The clinic also offers therapeutic cosmetology, an alternative surgical solution to age-related changes.

Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

ACPS uses a multidimensional approach to rejuvenation which achieves a more natural result even after significant facial and body plastic procedures. Among the aesthetic operations include correction of the shape of the breast (including a combined operation to increase the volume and lift), and the correction of the shape of the buttocks, hips, calves, ankles, and knees. One of the center's specialties is hair restoration via NeoGraft transplantation. Many anti-aging procedures are performed non-surgically.