Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Life-threatening conditions like craniocerebral trauma, spine trauma, and burns cause a huge amount of stress for a person. Often patients who have suffered through such traumas believe that survival itself is good enough. However, over time, they begin to look for opportunities to fully recover from their injuries, so they can return to a full, pain-free life.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy in the US is one of the most dynamically developing areas of medicine. Specialists must efficiently and seamlessly combine cardiology, pulmonology, human physiology, and biomechanics when designing a treatment plan. Sports medicine has contributed significantly to the development of new treatments, therapies, and injury prevention methods.

In Texas Medical Center, complex rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs have repeatedly restored patients’ quality of life after traumas, significant surgical interventions, and disease diagnosis. Patient learn how to cope with and reduce stress, to live in new conditions for himself, and ways of returning to a comfortable life.

TIRR Memorial Hermann

TIRR Memorial Hermann

TIRR Memorial Hermann has been among the top three US rehab clinics for many years. This is more than a medical center: patients who have suffered serious injuries, amputations, and burns receive a new lease on life. TIRR Memorial Hermann works hard to ensure patients receive world class care at affordable prices.

TIRR Memorial Hermann’s rehabilitation and physiotherapy focuses:

Craniocerebral Trauma

TIRR Memorial Hermann is part of the National Research Institute of Disability and Traumatology and conducts the largest research program in the world in the field of therapy and rehabilitation after a craniocerebral trauma (TBI). Thanks to this, patients with TBI can undergo the most effective and modern rehabilitation course and restore most lost abilities.

Trauma of the Spinal Cord and/or Spine

TIRR specialists have achieved phenomenal success in restoring patient independence after suffering spinal cord and spinal injuries. The methods developed here significantly improve the quality of life for patients who were paralyzed as a result of trauma and require special care.

Rehabilitation after Amputation

Specialists will help to properly choose a prosthesis, install it, and guide patients through both physical and mental rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation after a Stroke

Studies confirm that recovery after a stroke is possible if the patient has completed a full rehabilitation program. The team of doctors TIRR Memorial Hermann works not only with the patient, but also with his or her family. The rehabilitation program takes into account all aspects of a person's condition after a stroke and helps the patient and family learn how to live fully after the stroke.

Sports Injury

In this field, Institute specialists conduct ongoing research and develop methods for early restoration of the health and athletic form of the patient. The maximum effect in a minimum amount of time: this is how you could describe the sports injury rehabilitation program. Significant successes have helped doctors create innovative rehabilitation programs.

Burns (chemical, thermal, electrical)

One of the most severe groups of injuries, burns require a thoughtful, multi-level rehabilitation plan. This kind of injury is especially painful, and healing and recovery usually proceeds slowly making recovery difficult. Patients with burns may have also experienced mental trauma from the inciting event, and need not only physical, but also psychological rehabilitation. The Institute's program is one of the most successful solutions in this situation.

Atkinson Spinal Physical Therapy

The clinic specializes in physiotherapy programs that help eliminate pain in the neck, back, waist and lower limbs caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The head of the center has solved chronic and acute pain issues for over 40 years. Thanks to her experience and pioneering methods, many patients experience a complete restoration of freedom of movement and get rid of discomfort after 4-6 sessions. Increased attention is paid not only to getting rid of pain, but also on preventing its occurrence.

Cole Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

The goal of the Center is to restore the motor activity of each patient, ensure life without pain and limitations, and develop the maximum physical potential of every patient. This is made possible by individual programs for each patient and highly qualified doctors. The Center focuses on recovery from traumatic brain injuries, stroke, shoulder injuries (including dislocations and ligament rupture), and amputation with subsequent prosthetics. Doctors also offer vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness, gait disturbance).

The physiotherapists have extensive experience in sports medicine. Regardless of whether the patient is a professional athlete or not, he/she is offered the most effective recovery program, which includes ultrasound and electrostimulation therapies. The treatment and recovery plans may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, work programs with pain, and speech therapy.