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Vocational Counseling and Coaching

Whether you are starting out in a career or looking for a change, Houston Health Concierge is here to help. Meet with our vocational counselor to discuss career options and create a plan for a lifetime of success. Job seekers often find themselves at a loss as to where and how to start the job search process. Do you know where to search for open positions? Need help putting together your resume or cover letter? Are job applications confusing? Do you have the skills you need to be as competitive an applicant as possible? Rest assured that help is just a Skype call away.

The top method for improving your chances of gaining and maintaining employment is through networking. Learn how to build your network in a genuine, long-lasting way. Make connections that will last not just a career, but a lifetime.

Applying for a position is the first step in the job seeking process. The interview is the much-coveted second step. To be a truly competitive candidate, job seekers must dazzle and impress at their interviews. Practice your interview skills and prepare for interviews with our vocational counselor.

Houston Health Concierge offers support even after you accept a job offer. A key skill in today’s ever-changing world is business communication. Employers want employees who can communicate with a wide range of people, from coworkers to clients, in both verbal and written communication. If you have ever found yourself struggling to compose an email or respond to a question, then perhaps our Business Communications resources and lessons could help.

International job seekers often wonder about the differences between their culture and American culture. These differences influence how business interactions and deals are conducted. Learn how the American business culture operates during vocational counseling or English as a Second Language sessions.

No matter your goal or progress in your job search, rest assured that with Houston Health Concierge, you are in good hands.